Skittles Candy Dispenser Machine Out Of Cardboard

Sue wants to throw a fun party for her friends. But she completely forgot to tell about it to her slime friend Sam. He’s a bit concerned about his candies. He wants to make sure each guest gets enough candy. And Sue suggests a wonderful way to do it. To build a very simple candy machine, easy to fill in and easy to operate. Then all the guests will get equal amount of candy.

You can make this machine, too! It doesn’t require too much cardboard. Besides thick cardboard, you will also need a few rubber bands, a few wooden skewers, a popsicle stick, some transparent plastic, and hot glue to assemble it. First, you’ll need to make a kind of a funnel, where the candies will fall in. Then, you’ll need to build the mechanism that will let the candies fall down. That’s where you’ll need the skewers and the rubber bands. After that, you’ll need to attach the walls, the container for candies and a little slide to catch all the falling candies.

Sam and Sue also attached a label “Candy For Friends”. Will you make such a machine for your friends?

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