Rabbit Hill Pc Longplay [HD]

Player: Mr.X & Chiara


A couple bored of the same summer drive to visit their family, decide to take a detour through the countryside where they are involved in an unfortunate accident. While walking to find help, they stumble upon Rabbit hill. A small fictional hamlet located deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside in England.

A slow paced, atmospheric horror game.

Classic-style point n’ click adventure game with a 2 click interface and inventory.

Estimated 1.5 to 3 hrs gameplay (without the walkthrough!).

“Rabbit Hill is a thoroughly enjoyable game that will give you a few hours of good sleuthing fun.” – AdventureGamers.com

Adventure Game Studio’s Pick of the month (Feb 2017)

Nguồn: https://vesovietlott.com

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  • ma questo gioco è bellissimo O.O (ho visto i primi 3 minuti) adesso me lo guardo tutto!!

    Federica July 1, 2020 1:55 pm Reply

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