GAUNTLET (NES) Wizard Speed Run 19:20

14:03 World 5 (Lava Grind)
18:27 Room 100 and Dragon

Gauntlet is a unique speed run in that a good run is not so much quick and solid execution but random exit placement luck. Basically you grind out consistent run after run until the RNG gods gift you with phenomenal exit luck. The RNG gods were on my side in this run and I may never get this lucky again with the $ rooms.

Notes on Run:
Wizard does not need Magic upgrade so you can skip it to save about 3 seconds or so. The original Magic works fine.
The only thing the Wizard is faster than the Elf is the final Dragon fight. Wizard has a stronger shot power than the Elf. I guess the Warrior would be the fastest against the Dragon if you could ever reach him.
There are hidden keys in the run that I pick up to save time. rms, 40, 42. Shooting doors with the Power shot saves keys as well.
My realistic goal before the run was sub 20 and somehow I saved an extra 40 seconds.


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  • How did you obtain the code for the vault? This was so extreme..

    skirm123 July 3, 2020 9:11 am Reply
  • Nice; haven't played this one in a long time.

    Retromancers — Retro Game Let's Plays and Reviews July 3, 2020 9:11 am Reply

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