Dexterity (Single) [GB] – Real Time Longplay (No death)

This is a, no commentary, Longplay of Dexterity for Game Boy, playing the Single Mode. Another Game Boy title with no complete walkthrough on YT. In this video I use Music A as music type.

Dexterity is a puzzle game where you have to flip all tiles on stage (8×7 tile level) to proceed to next one. The story is nothing spectacular; you are Dexter (hence the title) and you have to save your love (princess Lufiea) who is imprisoned by a big ghost. In Single Mode you have to get through 30 levels before you fight the final boss. Every 4 levels there is a bonus stage to increase your score. There are only 4 variations of the bonus stages, so if you memorize them you can achieve a perfect score each time.

Flipping all tiles can be tricky since there are enemies that undo the flip and each enemy type has its own abilities. Even if you kill them, they respawn so the best method is to trap them. You use blocks to trap or kill enemies, upon destroying the blocks you get a bonus which can be a fruit (gives points), a hammer (stuns all enemies for some seconds), hourglass (adds 10 seconds in timer), B icon (enemies turn into blocks), F icon (enemies turn into fruits) and a heart (gives 1UP). There is a time limit to complete each stage that adds up to the difficulty, it is however more than enough and only at the final levels it becomes a real obstacle.

Unfortunately, Dexterity suffers from many bugs: 1) If you trap many enemies it loses frames and becomes very slow (better optimization was needed). 2) A specific enemy (Kuwayan) can create up to 3 holes that can potentially isolate the enemy from Dexter which makes it impossible to complete the level since some tiles cannot be flipped. 3) The controls are not very responsive; there are times you have to press the button 2 times for the hero to respond.

The graphics are acceptable for a title released in 1990; music is also well made but they could have added more tracks (there are only 2 in-game options). As already mentioned, gameplay is poor due to unresponsive controls.

In short, Dexterity could have been a great title but the numerous bugs (laggy controls, frame drops etc.) makes it a mediocre title. Still fun to play though, if you like puzzle games. It is quite difficult game (both as a game itself but also due to bugs) but I’m happy I managed to do a No death run.

PS: At 20:53 I activate a condition that automatically completes the level (this happened to me at other random levels not shown here). Even though I repeated exactly the same movements as shown in this video, I cannot reproduce the condition. If someone knows how to activate this PLEASE write a comment explaining the steps. Thank you.

For a Longplay showing the Multi Mode go here:

Below are the video times of each round:

Round 01: 0:28
Round 02: 1:01
Round 03: 1:29
Round 04: 1:59
Round 05: 3:25
Round 06: 4:10
Round 07: 5:12
Round 08: 5:52
Round 09: 7:35
Round 10: 8:29
Round 11: 9:15
Round 12: 9:51
Round 13: 11:01
Round 14: 12:06
Round 15: 13:24
Round 16: 14:43
Round 17: 16:07
Round 18: 16:53
Round 19: 17:56
Round 20: 18:52
Round 21: 20:28
Round 22: 21:17
Round 23: 22:39
Round 24: 23:47
Round 25: 25:13
Round 26: 26:17
Round 27: 27:16
Round 28: 28:17
Round 29: 29:40
Round 30: 30:48
Final Boss: 31:31

Game is played by me in one go. No save states/cheats have been used. Recorded in VBA23.2.

Please note I uploaded it just for fun, no intention to compete anyone.


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  • A very entertaining puzzle, simply and dynamic, challenging in some places but never unfair, the duration is also good, neither too long nor too short. I wish that they would had added 2 or 3 more tracks to the soundtrack to give it more variety but still, good game.

    真 HighTamer July 1, 2020 6:56 am Reply
  • P.S. I never saw Tomimo ("Sweeps") in any level of Single or Multi. Is he really in this game?

    Daniel Pippenger July 1, 2020 6:56 am Reply
  • 20:54–You found a secret square! When it is landed on and flipped, three little men come on and perform a skit, then change all the remaining light tiles to dark for you! Cool trick, huh? 😊

    Daniel Pippenger July 1, 2020 6:56 am Reply
  • This is apart of the soundtrack of my childhood. 🤗

    Natasha Farley July 1, 2020 6:56 am Reply

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